#5080--SEA MITE: A 10-Ft. Sail or Power Catamaran
by William D. Jackson
"Sea Mite" is a sailer—"Sea Mite" is an outboarder—"Sea Mite" is the all-around shoal-draft utility boat you’ve wanted for protected-water fishing, hunting, and Sunday sailing.  At the waterline the inverted-V bottom, 65-in, beam, and 3-in, draft combine to give two slim hulls that move through the water with the lightest breeze or smallest outboard motor without putting up an argument The hull design also eliminates need for a centerboard, making Sea Mite an excellent sailing trainer. Depending on local lumber prices, $65 to $75 covers the cost of materials and, if you have a handsaw, you can get the hull ready for the water in about 50 hours.