#5099--BUILDING MACKERAL: A Versatile Sea Skiff
by William D. Jackson
"Mackeral" is a sea skiff type of boat, 14’ in length with a beam over 5’, combining unusually ample accommodations with seaworthiness for sport and pleasure use. This craft may he rowed but is best powered with air cooled inboards of 2 to 7 H.P. or outboard motors of 3 to 30 H.P. for speeds of 5 to 35 miles an hour. With ample dimensions for use upon rough, open waters the design is trim, attractive and able to go anywhere. Seating capacity is four persons and because of its ample size, if drawers were built under the seats, any amount of equipment for fishing or other uses could be stowed. The completed weight of the "Mackeral" will be approximately 200 lbs.