by Arthur Piver
This 24-ft. trimaran can be built at rock-bottom cost.
The  trimaran  has proven to be not only fast and safe, but inexpensive and easy to build as well. It possesses the ideal sailing characteristics of great stability with light weight. The 24-foot Nugget, shown here, is easy to build, being almost all sheet plywood. It was designed especially for the amateur craftsman and has numerous building short cuts. There are no critical bends, and the construction has been simplified to the point where no lofting is necessary. A table of offsets is not even required. Here we have a boat which can sail at a speed of twenty knots (it is also extremely fast in light airs) and is apparently seaworthy enough to go around the world. The boat is easily trailed, as the side decks and floats fold compactly. It can sleep four people on short cruises, and the 14-foot beam provides loads of useful deck area. Draft (board up) is only 17 inches, so it is easy to beach.