#5310--BROADBILL--A 33 Ft., 9-Ton Tancook Schooner.
by I. A. Emmett
Nova Scotia's harbors, as you'll know if you've ever been there, are chock full of as lovely schooners as any sailing man might wish to see. Able boats all of them, and invariably slim and fast to get about under sail alone. Shelburne and Lunenburg builders turn out the larger boats for Banks fishing but Tancook Island in beautiful Mahone Bay is the home of the little Tancookers; schooner-rigged boats from 25 to 50 feet, some with the usual transom stern, others double-enders. Broadbill is the latter type modified slightly to put power aboard but otherwise as fast and able as the Island boats. She is designed for easy and low cost construction within, of course, the limits of the round bilge type and the room aboard. While construction is on the heavy side, the main members are reasonably small, the keel comparatively short and straight with no edge shaping required, and all ballast with the exception of the grounding shoe of stock bar iron is carried fisherman fashion inside.