Before starting to build any boat, you must understand the meaning of the drawings or blueprints. These always give the design of the boat as seen from three different viewpoints. The profile drawing, or elevation, shows the boat viewed from the side; the plan is a view from the top or bottom, and the body plan shows how the boat looks when viewed directly from either end. The body plan contains the station lines, which are cross sections at various points. The builder should never attempt to scale the line drawings because the table of offsets gives the measurements at each station, taken horizontally from the center line and vertically from the base line. The spacing of the stations and other measurements that cannot be given in the table of offsets are shown on the plan and profile drawings. All measurements are given to the outside of the planking, and it is only after the complete set of lines has been reproduced full size that accurate measurements of the frames to the inside of the planking can be determined.