Mount a patio chair between pontoons and you have the perfect rig for escaping from the heat. For even more fun, hang a fishing motor on it.
If you're looking for hustle or hurry, forget it. This low-power lounge is strictly for loafing. Basically, it’s just a folding aluminum chaise bolted between two pontoons. A stubby 2x8 transom board behind the chair back will take any of the smaller fishing motors, giving you power to putt-putt around the shallows. A steel bracket installed on the motor in place of the steering handle provides for both steering and throttle control through levers mounted on either side of the chair. However, the motor is really just an optional bit of luxury. You’ll have almost as much fun simply floating around near the dock or paddling lazily along the nearby shore. The powered version can be built in a couple of weekends. Forget about power and you’ll not only cut the cost but be able to do the whole job in a day or so. The pontoons are made of Styrofoam sandwiched between 1/2-in, marine plywood. To dress up the appearance, the exposed foam edges are covered with vinyl decking secured with epoxy.